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8 Beckwith St S, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2A8, Canada

The robots are taking over--

cannabis production


Finn Hogue looks at how artificial intelligence is being harnessed in cannabis production, and what that could mean for the industry and jobs in the future



Smiths Falls’ Mayor Shawn Pankow commented that he is excited to see Morris’ company succeed. Pankow said he believes Morris has “a wealth of relevant experience and a commitment to help Smiths Falls develop its cannabis industry.”

Article from

The Charlatan

Jan 10th, 2019

Smiths Falls’ 200-year history with cannabis​

Smiths Falls’ history with cannabis didn’t begin with Tweed. In fact, it began 200 years ago. 

While doing research into Canada's history with cannabis and Bond’s role in trying to build a hemp empire, Morris came across some interesting findings that he shared at a talk hosted by the Smiths Falls Heritage House Museum and the Smiths Falls & District Historical Society.

Article from

Inside the Ottawa Vally

Dec 27, 2018,

by Evelyn Harford

Pushing the envelope:


Town of Smiths Falls embraces role as hub for innovation


“We’re trying to position ourselves as one of the trailblazers in merging the cannabis industry with the new artificial intelligence space... Canopy is actively recruiting the best and brightest cannabis experts on earth to Smiths Falls", Morris said, “This influx of expertise into a relatively small town has resulted in a fun and exciting new culture developing. The synergistic capacity of a town like this to launch a bunch of businesses and new technologies is incredible. It feels like the new Silicon Valley for cannabis technologies.”




Article from

Inside the Ottawa Vally, Oct 03, 2018 
Submitted by the Town of Smiths Falls