Fully Operational in 2018

Who is William Bond Ai?

William Bond Ai is intended to serve as your virtual cannabis expert. “He” is a computer program written in artificial intelligence markup language (AIML.) This conversational form of programing allows users to ask questions and receive a pre-programed response. AIML serves as the communication platform from which he offers users access to a curated database of cutting edge medical cannabis studies.

What can he do for me?

He creates “Care Paths” to serve as a guide to help you systematically test if CBD can be helpful for you. His approach starts with the understanding that cannabis affects people differently. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.  He suggests a variety of different methods of administration, rare cannabinoids, terpene profiles, and CBD to THC ratios. He helps you to incrementally increase the dose so that he can chart a dose-response-curve to determine the ideal therapeutic dose. By methodically sampling a wide variety of options and incorporating your feedback, He learns what best meets your needs.

The “Index” is created by his WebCrawler’s regularly checking every licensed cannabis producer in Canada. They let him know whenever a new CBD oil product becomes available. He then calculates the price per mg and determines what the best deals are. Lastly, he cross-references this information with his database of products containing rare cannabinoids. He presents this information in a virtual CBD marketplace called the Index.  The prices in this index are calculated to be the cost of 100 mg of CBD.  This number represents the “real” cost and lets you effectively compare products and shop for the best deal.

Can he replace my Doctor?

No, but he can help you and your doctor make better informed choices.  His database contains only peer-reviewed scientific studies involving cannabis. Just as doctors are trained to do, he puts a greater value on some studies than others. Based on the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM), the studies in his database are ranked according to an established hierarchy of evidence. Starting with expert opinion, then above that is case reports. Above case reports are the cohort studies and then the randomized controlled studies. At the very top are the systemic reviews, also known as Meta-analyses. Whenever appropriate, he is programmed to quote a variety of doctors directly.  He is not intended to replace a human doctor. He is designed to help inform and improve your cannabis experience while saving you a lot of money on CBD.

How much money can he save me on CBD Oil?

Most CBD oils offered for sale in Canada look more or less the same.  The bottles are all about the same size, about 40 – 60 ml.  The prices are pretty close as well, generally $90 – $150.  The amount of CBD is usually between 10 – 20 mg per ml.  Don’t let that fool you, these little differences add up to a lot of money.  Here are two examples.  

Example 1

Person A needs 250 mg of a pure CBD oil daily for her epilepsy.  She pays the average market price of 13.42 per 100 mg.  That adds up to $1006.50 every month.

Person B also needs 250 mg of a pure CBD oil daily for her epilepsy.  She uses William Bond Ai to find the best deals in Canada.  She pays $9.00 per 100 mg.  That adds up to $675, which is a savings of $331.50 every month.


Example 2

Person A needs 1000 mg of a 1:1 THC : CBD ratio daily for his cancer.  He pays the average market price of 11.92 per 100 mg.  That adds up to $3576 every month.

Person B also needs 1000 mg of a 1:1 THC : CBD ratio daily for his cancer.  He uses William Bond Ai to find the best deals in Canada.  He pays $9.00 per 100 mg.  That adds up to $2700. Which is a savings of $876 every month.


What does Beta-Testing mean?

Beta-Testing is used to improve a new technology before releasing it to the public.  We are currently accepting a limited number of members to help improve William Bond AI during his beta-testing phase. As a member, you can use his database to find the best prices on CBD oil, and rare cannabinoids. You can also ask William anything you like related to cannabis. During the beta-testing phase, our programmers and medical cannabis experts will review his responses before sharing them with members. As a result, communicating with William Bond AI can be somewhat slow. Please keep in mind that once he has completed beta-testing his responses will be instantaneous.

Who was the Original William Bond?

He carries the name of Canada’s original hemp expert, William Bond. Over 200 years ago British settlers explored Canada specifically to grow hemp. Hemp was vital to make ropes and sails for the British Navy. The Crown asked renowned hemp expert, William Bond, for help. His mission was to find the best land and train former soldiers from the American Revolutionary War to grow hemp. This hemp was Canada’s first subsidized crop and has been growing wild ever since. Recently rediscovered and named Ontara, Canada’s wild hemp is a sustainable source of CBD.

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